Saturday, March 28, 2009

Science World Funtastico!!!

March 18, 2009 is the day Jackie and I took a trip to Science World!!! The Lego exhibition was on and we were very very excited!
Although because it was in the middle of spring break we had to fight crowds like crazy! It was overwhelmingly busy that we decided to first duck into the small theater to see what was going on there. That's where we found this guy...

Then we decided to get the learning adventure started! Here's Jackie trying to listen in on somebody's personal conversations... actually you could barely hear what you were supposed to hear from those tubes because there were so many people!!!

Ever since I was a child I have had a specific fascination with water, waterfalls, and water toys so naturally I gravitated towards this wonderful contraption!
Although I love water and I love this water thing... My favorite part about the above picture is this guy...

I dunno if you can tell... but if you click on the picture to make it bigger, you will see that my camera apparently did not get rid of the red eye and so this scientist dude looks even more like a MAD SCIENTIST!!!

I constantly had to babysit Jackie as she always wanted to play with the other kids... hehe

So, Jackie and I found this area with these building sticks and whatnot and the plaque on the box of stick things said "can you build a figure taller than yourself?" Naturally Jackie and I stepped up to the challenge, but as you can see above, our first attempt did not go so well...

However we made it happen on our second attempt!!!
Side Note: Notice how the bottom section is fairly uniform and could possibly look structurally sound and the top part is well... not so much. Yeah! Guess who did the top part... That's right, yours truly (i.e. me!). I decided to take on a more creative and unique approach to it!
Further Note: as was reinforced throughout this exercise, neither of us are engineering students! Moreover, this emphasized my role as an arts student!

Well, nothing lasts forever unfortunately!

Tap dancing on a large piano is a lot more fun (and safer) than in your kitchen in your socks!

Notice the number of children around me compared to when Jackie was on this thing... Perhaps I looked too "adult" with my boots and whatnot!

So we finally got to the Lego section, and I realized that it was going to be more of a museum type thing with little sculptures of Lego stuff... it was interesting, but not enough to keep this ADD mind from wandering. Anywho, I did manage to take a photo of this Lego sculpture of the YVR Skytrain station.

Oh, and of course the large Lego Race car! I took it too seriously and put on my racing face...

Meanwhile Jackie just decided to smile away!

Science World from above!

Taking a well needed breather on our way up to the Omnimax.

Waiting for Van Gogh: Brush of Genius (our Omnimax experience for the day) to start.

I hate mind bending puzzles!!!

However Jackie seems to excel in them!

This is my new favorite Lizard!

Jackie trying to be a T-Rex

Jackie and I in the Beaver Dam!

Yes it was a great day of learning and building and playing with other people's little children. We both agreed that building that "thing" to make it as tall as ourselves was easily the highlight of the day! It's too bad somebody rushed to make it look more entertaining rather than focusing on structure! :P

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