Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Maija-Liisa Memorial Scholarship FUNdraiser!!

Yes, I know my title is slightly lame! Yes, that is the best title I could come up with at the time! I am sure it would have sufficed even if I didn't capitalize the F U N in fundraiser, but then my title would seem boring... and we don't want boring! Anyways, this post is not about my ability to come up with lame titles so back off ok?!!

Wow... don't you hate fighting with yourself? I know I do! Anywho, lets get right to it!
On March 7, 2009 a bunch load of people gathered together at The Ranch Pub in Maple Ridge to commemorate the great loss we have all suffered, and to raise money for the Maija-Liisa Memorial Scholarship for SFU! The night was wonderfully organized by probably the most thoughtful group of people (most of which are young adults and students), and included draw prizes, a healthy silent auction, really amazingly good food, and of course alchohol (for those of us over the age of 19).
I spent some good time with my sister and new best friend Jackie, as well as a lot of the wonderful ladies that I used to dance with. (Don't Jackie and I look like identical twins??? I think soo!)
Aparently the Rice family dresses up for pub night! Dad doesn't usually wear a collared shirt unless he is dressing up. Then again, when I joked about the Rice family dressing up for pub night, he defended himself in saying "No! This is the ONLY clean shirt I have left... and if I'm going to wear a collared shirt then I should wear nice pants... and if I am going to wear nice pants I have to wear my good cowboy boots!" Oh, daddy!
Yes, fun was had by all (or at least I think fun was had by all... In my pictures it seems like fun was had by all!) Jacob and I like to pose seriously for couple photos! (HA!)
Haha! Right before taking this picture I yelled "Candid Shot!" and this is what candid shots usually look like! The youngens from the Dance Circle don't mind though (or at least I assume they don't mind... I don't remember anybody complaining at the time but whatever!)
You know, these girls have all grown up SO much and SO quickly! (does that make me sound OLD??? HA!) Molly, Marja-Leena, and Julia looking very adult-like (They still couldn't fool the waitress though (I'm guessing, haha)).
Molly, Marja-Leena, Jackie, and Julia once more! Looking good ladies!!
So, onto the main attraction (actually I thouroughly enjoyed just being able to spend time with and see the girls from the Dance Circle... but prizes are fun too!) Mom won the silent auction for some gardening tools and gloves and I think a gift certificate to the Triple Tree as well! Way to go mom!!
Haha! One of the highlights of the night!!! I (somewhat ruthlessly) won the silent auction for a Starbucks Gift Pack which included two hand painted ceramic mugs, a stainless steel water bottle, four Starbucks chocolatey treats, and a James Brown Cd!

Here's the mini story on how I won the Gift Pack. When I first got up to the table (After Rum and Coke #1) I looked at a few items then decided on three items to put my name down for: the Starbucks Gift Pack, a Disney Print, and a Bath/Candle at home Spa Pack. When I got outbid for the Disney Print and Bath Pack (After Rum and Coke #2) I was reminded that I should not bid again for the Bath Pack due to certain allergies that I have, thus I devoted all my attention to the Starbucks Pack!

I started to get obsessed about winning this thing (After Rum and Coke #3 or was it 4?) and my mom thought it would be funny to outbid me a couple times just to bug me. It then got to a point (After Rum and Coke #... I lost count) where I would be constantly standing near/beside/behind the display table to keep an eye on the sign sheet so that as soon as someone put their name down I would outbid them!

Finally I had the winning bid of $25.50... but when I gave in my money, I had forgotten how much I put down, and thought that I put down $26.50 so I ended up paying an extra dollar! All goes for a good cause though!
So, another funny winning story... Everybody was given 1 draw ticket with dinner and you could buy additional ones for a dollar each or 7 tickets for 5 dollars. So, I decided to buy 7 tickets and dad and Jacob decided to give me their tickets so that I can try to win something.

Initially there were three prizes that I would have liked to win: a set of two Indoor/Outdoor Roman Candles, A tea press with assorted teas, and two tickets to a Canucks game. I put the majority of my tickets in for the candles and the Tea set. Later in the evening, Jacob bought another 7 tickets and had written my name on all of them. So I went again and put more tickets in the tea set and candle holders, a couple more tickets for the Canucks game... then I put one single ticket in the jar for the Sunday Brunch for Two at The Pantry. Of course, what do I win? The sunday brunch!Jacob put up the envelope just as I went to take the picture. He says he likes this picture because I am the one not smiling in it thus I ruined the picture!!! :PYes, it was a really great evening! There were some small speeches from several people thank us all for coming out. A woman from F.A.C.T. (Families Against Crime and Trauma) came out to share her story and support for Maija-Liisa's family while also to tell us about and ask us to sign a petition to recognize Vehicular Homocide as a crime (Please go to : http://www.familiesagainstcrime.org/ to learn more about F.A.C.T and it's mission and to download and sign the petition as well if you like).

Marita also got up at the end to thank us all for coming and to thank and recognize all the wonderful people and friends who put this night together. She talked about how great it was that everybody came out and more importantly she reminded us that Maija-Liisa had so many aspirations that she wanted to achieve in life and that we all now should take on those aspirations and fulfill our own aspirations with her in mind! So touching. I cried... I'm sure I wasn't the only one!

This night was very important for me, but I think it would be safe to say that this night was MORE important for Maija-Liisa's parents, her sister Marja-Leena, as well as her closest friends to bring people together to commemorate and turn this negative event into a positive movement. Additionally, as I told Marita when she came around to say hi, it was very important that we all were there to let her and her family know that they have community support and that we will all be there for each and every one of them if and when they call on us!

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