Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Return of LAQ

Ah yes! The day that I was waiting for, for two weeks finally came! March 13, 2009 saw the return of Lori-Ann Quon back to the wonderful province of B.C., if only for the weekend! Yes, I got my best friend back for an evening, Jackie got her biological sister back for an evening, Jackie and I split up as new best friends for an evening! It was all very exciting!
The Quon family and Dave (I'm included in the family portion... but Dave isn't apparently. Probably because I've been around longer! haha! Even if/when those two get married I will still be more family than he is... at least in my eyes :P But I digress...) all went to White Spot for dinner to catch up and celebrate her return (and a little celebration was had for I had good news about a departure at work)!
I love this picture only because something messed up with the lighting and it looks like Jackie's head is poking through the window and the window blinds.

While Lori-Ann prefers the serious happy pose, Jackie can't seem to make her nostrals any bigger...

Oh, I may have been wrong about that last sentence! Hehe, I only kid because I love!
Finally Jackie gets her act together and I get a really nice shot of the two sisters who could very well be twins... even though they are separated by 5-ish years.
Lori-Ann and Dave looking mighty happy!

We went to momford's office in downtown Maple Ridge to tell one of her co-workers to go home because it was late, and Lori-Ann wanted me to take a picture of one of our main streets in Maple Ridge all dug up so that she can show her people in Fort Mac that our roads are made up of dirt and gravel!

After dinner, Lori-Ann Jackie and I took a quick trip to Castle Fun Park to do some go-karting!
The flash was not on for this picture, which is why everything is slightly blurry. I realized that the flash would be off right before Jackie took the picture so I thought I'd move to change that and thus the super blurry me! On the upside, Jackie thought this looked like a really good picture of the two of them so I thought I'd include it here!
Finally, la piece de resistance! All three best friends together again... if only for one night!

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