Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Uban Dictionary Survey

Ok, so I was perusing facebook when I came across the following and thought "Hey, I'm bored and can't sleep... I should fill this out!"


Go to UrbanDictionary.com and type in the answer to each question. Copy and paste the first answer to pop up.

** 1. First Name:


The best person in the world

No one is better than a Kari

(Ok, so I'm liking this thing already!!!Hehe!)

** 2. Nickname:

1. A player who detests Player versus Player (PvP) gaming and whines about how it ruins their gaming enjoyment.

2. A player who is killed or has a loss through theft and then complains about player harassment.

3. A player who focuses their gameplay strictly on crafting or other non-competitve activity.

(This is actually the second definition but the first one was a little too mean!)

** 3. Favorite Colour:

1. The hue of the portion of the visible spectrum lying between orange and green.
2. A racist remark based on the skin color of Asians.
3. That song by Coldplay.
"Yellow" by Coldplay:

~Look at the stars,
Look how they shine for you,
And everything you do,
Yeah, they were all yellow.~

** 4. What are you supposed to be doing right now:

Homework: (Noun) a punishment given to students by evil teachers after the students have already put in 7 hours of hard labor.
(See evil, torture, wrong, cruel, unjust, satan, crap)

my satan teacher gave me crap

** 5. Favorite Food:


greatest food ever

dogg lets go to my crib for some curry

** 6. Hometown:

1. Maple Ridge

A meathod of passing a joint between two people. It is performed when the marijuana cigarette is small and thus it must be past by pressing the people's two thumbs together. After the small joint is past, the passee says "Maple Ridge". This is inspired by the Rural Western Canadian town of Maple Ridge where there are massive amounts of grow-ops.

You dropped the joint! You should have pulled a Maple Ridge.

(I had no idea that Maple Ridge was THIS famous for weed...)

** 7. Last Name:

1. rice

An automobile that has been equipped with gawdy, unnesecary accessories, such as 3' high spoilers, loud and/or repulsive paint job and body work. Owners of such automobiles feel that these accessories make their car the best in the world, when in fact it is not.

That Prelude over there is nice, but this here Civic ain't nothin but a rice mobile

** 8. Favorite Ice Cream:

1. strawberry

WTF everyone it's a damn fruit.

Person: Damnit I love strawberries so frickin' much they're red and have seeds and stuff yum.

(To be honest I was actually going to say "Fudge Brownie" but I like to keep my blog relatively clean and the definitions were just absolutely awefull!)

Well That was fun! You have to watch who goes onto this website (urbandictionary) though because I tell ya, a ten year old could easily go onto this site and type something seemingly harmless such as "Finding Nemo" and it will come up with:

A male rite of passage; to locate the clitorus.
"Sally, my boyfriend's terrible in the sack."
"Betty, he's only 11- he's probably needs help finding nemo."

What's New Pussycat?

Well well, if it isn't little ol' Kari finally coming back to blog once again! Ok, ok I realize it's been awhile, but I've been busy! I should get back on the band wagon pretty soon here though!
Unfortunately for those of you who may be reading this thinking that you may get something out of it, don't hold your breath! It is a little past midnight and I cannot sleep and am bored as hell, thus this is simply me trying to occupy my time while I am awake.

Hmm... What to say, what to say?
Last week I was at L-A's house just hanging around and reading the local paper (alright I'll admit I was actually reading the flyers) and I came across a flyer for Shoppers Drug Mart. Now I have blogged before about Method's holiday line and how I cannot find it here in Canada to save my life, but to my amazement Shoppers had the hand soap in last year's holiday line-up ON SALE!!! I was excited, almost too excited! I made L-A take me to Shopper's immediately so that I could buy one of each.
I did not come out with one of each though... In the store I had smelled the Hollyberry and the Cinnamon Bark but found that the Hollyberry was too sweet smelling and that the Cinnamon Bark was a little too spicey for my liking. But then I smelled the Peppermint Vanilla, and I was hooked!!! I started loading up my arms but then I decided to limit myself to six. Six, a nice even number meaning "a lot" but not quite "buying in bulk". I am now on the prowl and my hunger to hunt down more method products in the holiday line has been rekindled.

What I REALLY want is to find a Frosted Fir candle from this year's line-up. I love the smell of Douglas Fir and so if this candle does smell like it's name suggests then we will have one very happy Kari on our hands! I could easily order it off of Method's home website but the candles are $10 each (which really isn't that bad, I would pay $10 for a candle. I'm sure I have in the past) but the Shipping and Handling (and taxes) would be around $23 alone!!! Now I realize that these things are heavy and so a hefty S&H price is needed but I have a real hard time justifying paying $13 more in S&H than the actual product alone would cost. Not to mention the fact that I then have to consider the exchange rate because of course I am in Canada and it would be shipped from the U.S. Method's website would suggest to add more things to my shopping bag in order to make the shipping seem more worthwhile, however I don't really want to buy anything else at this point (mostly because I am a poor starving college student) and all I really want is the Frosted Fir Candle. I should just drive to Belingham, find a target and load up! Flaw: I'd be paying more in gas money than I would have originally for the S&H!!!

Anyways, that's my little rant for the wee hours of the early morning! Haha. Time to maybe go to bed!

Monday, October 27, 2008

We are all Misfits in our own right

It is interesting the circumstances that occur that easily distinguish the followers from the rest of us. Today for example, in my anthropology class the instructor had to leave class at 12 (our class actually ends at ten to one) but she wanted us all to stay until the end of class watching a video. She asked me specifically if I could return the video to faculty services once the class was over.
There was nothing or nobody to hold the rest of the students to stay. She did not say we would be having a test on this video or even suggest that there would be any sort of punishment if we didn't stay to watch the video. So here I sit in a dark classroom that is usually full of at least 20 or so students, with eight other people. That's right more than half of the class left! It is not surprising really. I mean who really thinks it's fair that our prof should be allowed to leave early but the rest of us have to stay?
One student just before leaving said "whoever stays is not cool!" Wow! This really is a first year course hey! I mean that's so high school! This brings me to my first statement... After one or two people left (and after the one student said those who stay are uncool) everybody, who was cool or who thought they were cool, got up and left! They all followed. Like sheep. Normally you can tell who are the people who are more likely to follow. Those are the ones who are normally popular, or think they are popular. The ones who don't see school as an important thing for their futures.
So I look at the eight people left in the classroom and notice that we are probably not the cool people! We are all misfits! I am surrounded by the two oldest students in our class, the typical guy who talks a lot during class (perhaps a nerd-like creature), a gothic type person, and other misfits including myself.
Why did I stay though? I mean I am quite literally sitting here "listening" to this video but I am actually sitting here blogging instead of watching. Because I care about my schooling. Because I am paying over three hundred dollars to watch this stupid video. Because I have to bring the video to faculty services after the class is over. Because I am a misfit!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Note to Self: Running out of Method

Well hello to everybody in cyberland! I have to admit it has been awhile since I have blogged. It is a bittersweet realization because my lack of blogging really means that I have been able to sleep which is different from the usual insomnia I typically face every night. Congrats to me for the ability to sleep!

Having said that it is currently 1:30 in the AM hours! Alright, so tonight is the exception to my being able to sleep. I am unsure as to why I can't sleep, I just know that the sheep are too busy grazing in the fields to jump over the fence!
So anywho, I did have a reason to blog tonight/this morning but as usual my A.D.D has taken over my brain and has wiped out all of my events on my mental list of things to do. So I guess I will just have to write about whatever comes to my head until I figure out what it was I was going to write about.

Ummm... So I guess I can write about the environment (always a fun topic). I've been noticing lately that the environment has been steadily taking over my life in terms of helping to save the environment from our dirty little habits. As I had mentioned once in my blog before I have become obsessed with the cleaning product line called Method. Oh how I love the sweet sweet smell of method's sweet water air care products! I have even stumbled across and (now) read religiously a wonderfully entertaining yet always informational blog by graphic artist Nathan Aaron called Method Lust which examines, critiques, lusts and gossips (that's right, it's like the TMZ.com of household cleaners!) about all things Method.

Within the last couple of days Nathan has been sharing the news about Method introducing their holiday line up full of wonderfully christmas smelling scents coming soon to a Target near you! I just LOVE the smell of Christmas (that's right, holidays have smells and Christmas smells like Winter Berry, Gingerbread Spice, Spiced Pear, Toasted Hazelnut, and Frosted Fir).

Here's where my dilemma comes into play... In the United States, from what I know, most Target stores are carrying various Method products with a fairly good selection of scents. Here in Canada, or at least where I am, there obviously aren't any Target stores around but I have found Method products in some Safeway stores, Canadian Superstores, and Shoppers Drugmart however none of these retailers offer very good selection of scents or products for that matter. I could try to convince someone traveling to the states to simply leave their clothing behind when they come home and fill their suitcase with Method stuff, but I'm afraid that may make them a Method Mule and result in some very odd looks (not to mention that the volunteer would probably need to take some of the laundry detergent from me in order to wash their one outfit left). So basically I am calling out to those of you here in Canada to let me know if there is a particular retailer that may carry more than what Safeway has to offer. I don't want to miss out on making my home/office smell like Christmas 24/7/365!!!

By the way friends and family who may be reading this... if you aren't too sure about what to get me for Christmas.... *hint hint, nudge nudge, know what I mean, know what I mean* I could always use some wonderful smelling Method Products (don't worry I wont assume you are giving me cleaning products in order to convey some other meaning)!

Anywho, I have a Psyc Mid-Term exam to write in 6 and a half hours so I should probably study a little while longer then round up all the sheep and let the counting begin!

Ciao for now!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Missing Maija-Liisa: Life Lesson

It's been forever since I've blogged! I've either been too busy, too lazy, or just not bored enough. Today though, I am not busy, lazy, and I'm definitely not bored. No, today I have an important blog. Something that I should have written about on August 28, 2008 but had not, due to the overwhelming emotions that surround the events of August 28, 2008.

For those of you in cyber space who are local will know the events that I speak of. For those of you in cyber space who don't have a clue what I am talking about, on the evening of August 28, 2008 a pick-up truck smashed through the front of a Sushi restaurant in the city where I live. Two women died and six others where injured, including a nine year-old boy who is now in a coma with possible severe brain damage.

One of the women who past away was 19 year-old Majia-Liisa Corbett. I grew up with Maija-Liisa while the two of us were in dance together since I was about ten. She was one of the most beautiful wonderful people that I have had the priviledge to have known in my life. She was always smiling and she just had a very contagious lust for life!

Although I had lost contact with her after I stopped dancing in order to focus more on my studies, I am having a very hard time coping with the loss of Maija-Liisa. I find myself bursting into tears at the most awkward and inappropriate times. While going through the "Anger" phase of grief I even found myself cleaning my car obsessively inside and out (which if you know me that does not happen very often at all) after which I collapsed into the passenger seat and threw up out the side of the car.

As I think about the various times and places and awkward situations that I have had an emotional breakdown, I can't help but stop myself and think "if this is what I am going through, what must her family or her best friends be going through?" My heart goes out to the Corbett family, especially her little sister. I do not pray much or often and I do not know really how to pray but I promise I will keep the Corbett family in my prayers along with the families of the other woman who past away and of the six other victims who were injured.

Here is where the life lesson comes into play:
I lost a friend of mine last summer to a tragic train accident. As with Maija-Liisa, I had lost contact with her over the years and we eventually hadn't had contact for awile. It was after her funeral that I vowed to keep in contact with all of my friends at least once or twice a month. Now here I sit regreting once again that I had lost contact with my friend and will no longer be able to speak to her again.

I urge you all to learn from my mistakes!!! We all drift apart as we grow older and make new friends while maybe still maintaining some old friends, but please keep in contact with the people you used to know. Call your friends from high school every month or so. Get together for coffee with someone that you haven't talked to in ages just to catch up and say hi. If you keep in contact, call your friends once or twice a month, you will not regret not having that last conversation should something like this happen to you. And PLEASE, if you ended a friendship badly or had an argument with a friend, take some time to cool down but always make sure you call or talk to them as soon as you can to put it behind you because you never want to have that last conversation with a friend before something happens to be a bad one.

I wanted to talk about the bastard that did this but I feel as though today is not the day. The funeral is later this evening and I don't want to have to think about how she died rather I'd like to celebrate how she lived! I shall have to discuss him in another blog.

I love you all.

Maija-Liisa, I know others have said it already but when we all had a gathering at the dance studio in your honour, I knew you and the other woman that died were the two beautiful rainbows in the sky looking down on us! I know you will be there to help guide us through this tough time and I will think of you always during thunder storms as I used to think as a child that thunder occured when the angels were tap dancing!!! So Maija-Liisa... keep tap dancing for me!

P.S. I borrowed the graduation dress photo of Maija-Liisa from facebook, I hope nobody minds!

Friday, July 4, 2008

A Message from St. John's

Hello All!

I am currently enjoying day 7 of my trip to St. John's, Newfoundland. I have one more full day and then we fly out to PEI.

I was going to post all of my pictures from Day one up to today on my picasa site however at this point this freaking computer in the business center at the Mariott Hotel is sooo slow that I will post part of the pictures of Day One on my picasa site and one or two pictures from today on here just for a taste and you will all have to wait until I get home to see the rest!

To see part of day 1 of my photos, simply go to this web site... http://picasaweb.google.com/karinabear00

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I forgot to mention that I have been counting red cars that drive on lougheed hwy in front of the hotel... I lost count at 140-something-or-other. Also there has been a major abundance of Kawasaki motorcycles cruising down the lougheed today.

Bored at Work and Counting the Days!

ALRIGHT! I'm bored! I'm at work and there's literally nothing to do! (except of course that thing that I was supposed to do but don't feel like doing so it wont get done until tomorrow!)

Anywho... just thought I'd let everybody know that I am still alive and kicking... maybe not kicking because I'm too lazy but... WIN!!!! A guest of mine just bought me a slurpee!!! Mmmm... Free Stuff!!! Mmmm... root beer slurpee!!! I love work! I love free stuff!

Where was I??? oh yeah, I'm alive. I've been busy with work and whatnot... I'm in the midst of applying to become a big sister with the big brothers big sisters program. I think it'd bee a lot of fun to have a little sister for three hours a week!

Anywho... this blog is going nowhere, just to let those of you who decided after the first paragraph that you might stick it out because "it's Kari, normally she's quite entertaining with a lot of things to say". Well here's what I'm saying now, if you've got somewhere to be feel free to leave because trust me it wont get any better. I'm just passing the time until the end of work... YES! 47 minutes left! woot woot!

So... counting down the days... yes I am counting down the days until Jacob and I hop onto a huge plane and swan dive all the way to newfoundland!!! WOOT WOOT! ONLY 13 DAYS!!!!!
Now that I have my camera and Jacob has his new digital SLR we are going to come home with LOOOOAAAAAADDDDDSSS of pictures for all to see so keep checking back sometime around July 12-ish... perhaps the 13th or 14th. Anywho, those will be posted on http://picasaweb.google.ca/karinabear00 where you can right now go and look at some of the pictures that I have from my new camera as well as the pictures from Richard's and my trip to Squamish! Keep checking that link for new photos as well... now that the weather is (hopefully) getting nicer I should end up taking more pictures.

Anywho... I should probably start my cash-out and whatnot so I shall let you all go!

13 DAYS!!!!


Monday, June 9, 2008

A Dollar to the Olypics?!

So yesterday I was at Zellers because Jacob was buying some kitchen gadgets and whatnot (you know, the normal things that a 22 year old would buy from Zellers on a sunday afternoon) and when he paid for his items the girl at the cash register asked him if he wanted to donate a dollar to the olympics.
Now I know that the olympics can be a touchy subject, especially for us Canadians and even more expecially for us Vancouverites due to the winter olympics being held here in Vancouver in 2010, but I would like to explore this situation as I am not sure what to think. I encourage any sort of feedback that anybody might have in regards to this subject or in response to what I have to say. Perhaps somebody can elighten me and change my thoughts.
So back to this question of donating a dollar to the olympics... Now I understand that the olympics are a huge undertaking with a massive price tag and that any extra funds that can be collected will be a great help to pay off this price tag; however, as a tax payer I am already funding the olympics whether I like it or not, and if I decided not to donate money to the olympics then I'd still end up paying for it with my tax dollars. I guess what I'm saying is, if I am already giving money to the olympics through my tax dollars then why should I give more through donations?
Secondly, asking me if I want to donate money to the olympics is a very vague question. I mean sure the question is a simple yes or no question and the subject of the question is the olympics, but the olympics is where the vagueness comes in. If I donate money to the olympics, where exactly is that money going? Is it going towards the funds to pay for the building of the venues? Is it going towards paying for the judges or other special people that will be there? Or is my money going towards the athletes who not only have to be able to perform well and train hard, but also have to pay (what I can only imagine) a hefty registration fee not to mention transportation fees, and lodging fees of some sort. You see, I guess it's more the question that bugs me... If it was to donate a dollar to help the athletes in their fees then sure maybe I'd consider it. If it was to help in the special olympics I would also donate. However donating to the olympics in general leaves me feeling less like I am actually helping and more like I just paid an extra dollar in taxes. I have nothing against the olympics. I am not an olympics hater, I just don't have the money to throw around on something that I am already paying for.
I don't have a problem in donating money for the most part. I donate to charities, relief funds, Scouting or Girl Guides programs, Big Brothers Big Siters programs, homeless shelters, Children's programs of any type, etc etc. but I have a problem being asked to donate to something like the olympics.
Along the same lines, I sometimes hate how people ask whether or not you want to donate money, even when you know the money is for something like to find a cure for cancer; because sometimes they ask it in such a way that if you say no for one reason or another it makes you look like the biggest jerk in the world! For example, one night I had just paid over 14 dollars to see a movie (that turned out to be a dud) and the girl at the desk asked me "would you like to donate a dollar to help the poor starving children with autism in Africa who have aids and have been battered by their drunken father with cancer who also beats on his wife who has cystic fibrosis." Ok, so she didn't actually ask me that (in so many words) but had I said no, I would have looked like the biggest ass hole who ever lived.
I guess what it all boils down to is, yes I would love to donate money but I prefer to donate to organizations that are there to help the people who need it the most. Ask me about the special olympics and I'm there, because really these people have had to deal with so much in their lives already and it is so inspiring to see them not feeling sorry for themselves but actually pushing themselves to be the best athletes they can be given their circumstances.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Corn Pops and Pop Corn

So today was my first day off in a lo-Hoooong time from work and school and life! I woke up at 12:40 in the pm hours as I have been sick and tired and stressed with everything that is going on (mostly at work). When I finally actually got out of bed I decided to plunker down and eat some breakfast. Mmmm corn pops!

At about 1:30pm I decided it was time to watch Across the Universe. I bought it two weeks ago in plans to watch it while my parents were away. It's my little tradition to buy a new dvd and have a full out solo movie night when my parents go on vacation. I bought the movie, bought the pop corn, but I never got around to having my solo movie night. So, alone and cold my new movie sat on our shelf still wrapped in plastic until today. I enjoyed some pop corn with my movie. Hence the corn pops and pop corn title.

But what is this blog really about? Well, today it's about my new camera that I will be getting tomorrow!!!! ***rejoice*** My new camera is a Panasonic, which I wouldn't have normally bought because I am a severe Canon girl myself; however I fell in love with the idea of having a camera with a 10 times optical zoom!!!! Canon has a camera with a ten times optical zoom but the flash on it is a pop up flash that you have to put up yourself. I am very bad at remembering to do things in general and so having to remember to put up a flash before taking a picture is just ridiculous! Thus I will settle for Panasonic!

Anywho... I am very excited about it! I can't wait until I get off work tomorrow! I will of course be heading out to Jacobs tomorrow after my battery charges and we will be taking a walk (so long as the weather is good... so help me if the weather is shitty!) and taking lots o pictures which I will of course post!

I must get going though... I have a very early morning ahead of me so I must head off to bed!


Saturday, April 19, 2008

It Isn't All Fun and Games

Ever have a night all alone? One that, at the beginning, could have gone either way? Could have been either a great night alone with yourself, or it could have been a night of solitude that is not welcome?

I had one of these nights tonight. In fact, I had both nights! My parents were gone so the house was nice and quiet with no distractions. I had plans too! My uncle Miles had brought down a bunch of movies that I hadn't seen yet, and had left them here when he went home. Thus I had an entire evening that I could use to catch up on my movie watching. In fact, I watched an entire season of Bones! Pretty Exciting! I love Bones!

This is where the mood changed. I had been advised earlier this evening that the boyfriend would be out with a friend who was clearly in need of a guy's night out... no problems, I have movies to watch! I started to feel restless by about 8pm, and decided to call my best friend to see if she'd rescue me from the potential loneliness that was inevitable at this point. Of course, as she is in the sciences whereas I am a "lazy arts student" her finals are much more difficult and well... long story short, she had to study.

My nose is constantly running, I think I am also sick. Thus I made no further attempts to connect with the outside world. Inevitable loneliness becomes me. As such, I surround myself with the warm glow of my Method Vanilla-Apple Soy Candle and some slow depressing-ish music and have fallen in love with "Rain" by Patty Griffin. I heard it on an episode of Bones tonight. It's such a good song! In fact I think I have played it about 10 times within the last hour.

Anywho, I decide it's time to blow out my wonderful smelling candle and turn off the music. I am now in such a relaxed solitude that it is time for bed.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

People Against Dirty!

So, I know it has been forever (it seems I say this every time I post now. Bad habit, I should really post more often. Not that I have regular readers or anything... but I digress), but today I have decided to post about something that has recently got me started thinking about the environment!
I know you're all thinking "Oh no, not Kari! Don't fall into the tree hugging, water kissing, earth humping environmental brainwash!!! You'll never get out alive. Soon they'll (I dunno who they is specifically?!?!) have you mumbling environmental mumbo jumbo and yelling the phrase 'SAVE THE EARTH! STOP GLOBAL WARMING'" and perhaps even "I WILL NOT COME DOWN FROM THIS TREE UNTIL YOU PROMISE NOT TO CUT IT DOWN (or until I figure out a way to get down, help me)". But that's just too bad, because I have fallen into their traps, and I will now try to do my part in saving the environment.

So, alright. People who know me best will know that while I say I am going to do my part for the environment, I will never give up my favorite past time, i.e. driving around aimlessly in my car. However, I will otherwise try to come up with new tricks and trades in order to do my part. However, before I tell you about the ways I will "go green" (which is always interesting to me that people say that they are "going green" and we assume that means doing their part for the earth, when really most of the earth is water, which is blue... so why aren't we going blue?) I will explain where my newfound respect and motivation for the "going green" cause.

This will sound weird, but I've always liked the smell of Jacob's house. I thought it was simply his own natural pheromones perhaps mixed in with a light hint of cologne or deodorant, but then when Jacob moved into his new apartment (which I found by the way :P) I noticed that even though he had only been moved in for one day, his apartment smelled exactly the same!!! So I figure, either his pheromones are working really strong, or he's cheating some way.
So we went shopping to buy the cleaning odds and ends that Jacob did not have, and he pointed out this bottle of dish soap from a company called Method. It was really cool looking and not shaped like normal bottles of dish soap but perhaps more like a bulk sized perfume bottle (made of plastic of course).
Later Jacob pointed out this plug in air freshener that is also from Method. That's when I found out that this wonderful smell that I always attributed to Jacob, was actually bottled and can be bought for a mere $12 at Shoppers. I picked one up for myself the very next day!!!

Method is a household cleaning product line with wonderfully delicious scents fueled into the product. It is also biodegradable, the bottles are recyclable and made from recycled plastics, completely non-toxic and overall good for the environment. Additionally, the bottles and containers are different from your ordinary household cleaning products. They are in vibrant colours and in attractive, fun shapes! The scents are just amazing as well!!! The wonderful smell of bleach can now be replaced by the wonderful smell of nectarines, green mint, hollyberry, vanilla apple, as well as many others including my personal favorite... sweet water!

Now you're thinking "Kari, you've gone off the deep end and hit your head on the concrete bottom of the pool! You are talking about CLEANING PRODUCTS!" My response... yup, I sure have!!!! I love method! Now that I know about method and about it's environmental upsides as well as the wonderful scents, I will be a method junkie! There is a blog for people like us you know, it's called method lust. The blogger Nathan, is quite an entertaining writer as he reviews and simply jabs about his favorite method products, new and upcoming products, as well as those unfortunate products that have gone to Method Heaven and have been discontinued.

So while I may not give up my hobby of driving around aimlessly (no matter how expensive fuel gets) I will try and do my part by using and promoting earth friendly products such as those given to the world by Method!

Stand up and Join me in the fight against Global Warming and other environmental issues.
Join the millions who have decided to be People Against Dirty!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Groundhog's Day Super Redneck Extravaganza!!!

So I know it's been forever, but I have finally taken the time to post my pictures and write a little ditty about February 2, 2008! If you are unsure as to what I am talking about it was Lori-Ann's and my "Groundhog's Day Super Redneck Extravaganza". In other words, on Groundhog's Day Lori-Ann and I went to Monster Jam (with my parental units of course!)!!!These little guys are so awesome! The group is from Langley and it's made up of drivers from ages 5 to 17 and they race these little mini cars that do not back up or start on their own, they have to have someone pushing them first!
Before the show: 199 and Bulldozer in their resting spots!
I was having a bad hair day, and face day, basically I was having a bad physical appearance day! But not Lori-Ann... she never has bad physical appearance days!
The stunt bikes... unfortunately I did not get any really good pictures of them doing crazy things though.
Yeah that's right! I support my driver!
Look, it's kinda like Lori-Ann is white!!!
Lori-Ann's Monster Jam T-Shirt. A.K.A. Lori-Ann's Chest
Pictures just don' t do this sport justice... these are the sliders!

Lori-Ann proudly showing her Ticket!
I am so white in these pictures!!!
Awww momford!
Me and Momford (I look slightly possesed)
199 About ready to make his move!
This picture is pretty awesome! Bulldozer in the air!
Hey look! It's Trrrrrropical Thuuuuunnnddderrrrr!!!
The Patriot with his nose in the air while Jurassic Attack relaxes after her jump!
The stars of the show!!! Maximum Destruction coming off of a jump meanwhile my Gravedigger just about bouncing off the jump!
This is quite easily one of my favorite pictures! If not my favorite!
Jurassic Attack! This truck was driven by a woman from Vancouver! Pretty Freaking Awesome!!! "Daddy, I wanna drive a monster truck!"
Taking a break!
Ok so this is supposed to be one of the BMX jumpers but his suit kind of blends in with the crowd. If you can see him, look in the middle-ish of the picture just below the A in "DREAMS" and you should see him!
Jurassic Attack, climbing up that bus!

Tropical Thunder on his hind legs (or tires)
The Patriot!
So this is a pretty awesome picture too! Maximum Destruction just floating in the air!
If you look really close you will notice that he is just barely touching the bus.
This is probably actually my favorite picture. I love it because everything else in the background is still quite blurry but Maximum Destruction is just flying through the air as clear as day!
Lori-Ann on the skytrain home!
Oh momford, you take such great photos!
This is a video of one of the sliders just screeching around the track!

Grave Digger's entrance... because he IS the star of Monster Jam. I wasn't sure which side of the stadium he was coming out from though which is why I kept going side to side. I was going to edit it so that it wasn't so long... but you gotta have the music!!!!

This is Maximum Destruction and 199 During the racing portion. Compare the air that Maximum Destruction gets over 199! It's crazy!!!

This is Gravedigger Racing against Tropical Thunder. Oooh boy it's almost as good as it is in person! There's some pretty big air at the very end by Gravedigger!

Alright! So it's time for the Champs to take center stage together! Maximum Destruction VS Gravedigger! Gravedigger won this race but only by a few inches! Not to mention he almost flipped over but he was able to keep himself on all fours!!! (I know it again takes awhile for them to start up... but just be patient and listen to the music...lol)

Here's just a few jumps by the Motor Cross people.

If there is one video that MUST be seen out of all of these videos, it would have to be this one! This is Gravedigger Vs Maximum Destruction in the Donut Competition! It's starts off with Gravedigger just starting up and he's making some pretty awesome speed! But then... I switch to Maximum Destruction and it is just Freaking Amazing!!! Although Gravedigger went the longest (he struggles a bit at the end) Maximum Destruction clearly wins in this battle and you will see why!!!!

Lastly, Here is Gravedigger's Final moments of glory that night! His entire FreeStyle!

There you have it! It was a super awesome evening of trucks, tires, engine fumes!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Oh New Years eve. What a great night that was! I realize that it's been a week since new years eve but really, I have ADD... what do you expect???
Anywho, Unlike most people my age, I did not get stupidly drunk and party hardy till the cow came home. I was at Jacob's house in Vancouver so it would have been odd if cows showed up at his place.

Jacob and I had a wonderfully quiet evening full of movies, food and fun! Jacob cooked this AMAZING dinner that included asparagus, lemon, mint Risotto as well as this amazing chicken. Now, if you know me well, you will know that I am a meat kinda girl... I like my meat! Jacob knows this, and so the chicken was not only chicken... it was a chicken breast wrapped in Pantietta (which is like an italian bacon). MEAT WRAPPED IN MEAT!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!

Me not doing a whole heck of a lot

Parmesian for the risotto

Mmmm... Jacob made some really great Margaritas!
It got quite warm in that kitchen

Jacob dancing the time away!


Chicken wrapped in Pantietta
After dinner, the two of us unfolded the Futon in the living room, put on our PJ's and settled in for the rest of our relaxing evening. We watched Black Books (a BBC comedy series), played the wii, and then watched a bit of Mystery Men. It was quiet, entertaining and perfect!

Hahaha, I love this picture!


Oh, Bill Bailey! What a funny funny man!

More drinks? But of course!

In Black Books, one of the character's was telling the other one about themselves. He started off by saying where he was born and the other character interupted and said "if you're going that far back we're gonna need popcorn or something." As soon as he said that, I insisted that we get out the White Cheddar Popcorn that I had brought over because I had started to crave popcorn.

Jacob playing the wii

I took this picture right when he blew up a tank

Good Times!

Uhoh, it's empty!!!
This was the last picture taken in 2007!

I wish you all good luck in the new year!