Monday, January 7, 2008

Oh New Years eve. What a great night that was! I realize that it's been a week since new years eve but really, I have ADD... what do you expect???
Anywho, Unlike most people my age, I did not get stupidly drunk and party hardy till the cow came home. I was at Jacob's house in Vancouver so it would have been odd if cows showed up at his place.

Jacob and I had a wonderfully quiet evening full of movies, food and fun! Jacob cooked this AMAZING dinner that included asparagus, lemon, mint Risotto as well as this amazing chicken. Now, if you know me well, you will know that I am a meat kinda girl... I like my meat! Jacob knows this, and so the chicken was not only chicken... it was a chicken breast wrapped in Pantietta (which is like an italian bacon). MEAT WRAPPED IN MEAT!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!

Me not doing a whole heck of a lot

Parmesian for the risotto

Mmmm... Jacob made some really great Margaritas!
It got quite warm in that kitchen

Jacob dancing the time away!


Chicken wrapped in Pantietta
After dinner, the two of us unfolded the Futon in the living room, put on our PJ's and settled in for the rest of our relaxing evening. We watched Black Books (a BBC comedy series), played the wii, and then watched a bit of Mystery Men. It was quiet, entertaining and perfect!

Hahaha, I love this picture!


Oh, Bill Bailey! What a funny funny man!

More drinks? But of course!

In Black Books, one of the character's was telling the other one about themselves. He started off by saying where he was born and the other character interupted and said "if you're going that far back we're gonna need popcorn or something." As soon as he said that, I insisted that we get out the White Cheddar Popcorn that I had brought over because I had started to crave popcorn.

Jacob playing the wii

I took this picture right when he blew up a tank

Good Times!

Uhoh, it's empty!!!
This was the last picture taken in 2007!

I wish you all good luck in the new year!