Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Clothing I No Longer Fit

So today I finally decided to do laundry. I say finally because well, during the school semester I don't get much time to actually do the many loads and loads of laundry. That's not to say I don't do laundry during the semester at all, rather I do my laundry selectively. For example, If I know I am running low on work shirts or sweaters or work pants, I will go ahead and do one specific load of laundry for those essential items and tell myself that the other clothing can wait (Luckily I have accumulated so many shirts over the years that if I was truly desperate and without time to do a load of selectively chosen "favorite" shirts, I can still wear clean shirts that I maybe do not throw into the rotation as frequently).

I decided that because it has been awhile since I have done a huge day of laundry, that I would also go through my clothing and see which items I no longer fit (Unfortunately as I found out last Friday, I am no longer the size four I used to be... in fact, I seemed to have skipped a size...). The following is a short list of some of the clothing that I have in my closet that I can no longer fit into:

2 Sweaters
2 Pairs of Jeans
2 Pairs of Shorts
4 Pairs of Capris Pants
8 Shirts
1 Pair of Yoga Pants (and they are super stretchy...)
1 Pair of Cargo Pants
over 10 Pairs of Dress Pants ( yes in the last three years of working at the TL I have bought and now can no longer fit into over 10 pairs of Dress Pants)

Looking at this pile on my floor of clothing that I have once loved (it just so happens that the clothing I love the most out of my entire wardrobe happens to be lying pathetically within this pile), I am now feeling quite depressed! What happened to me? I used to be able to dress so cutely and now, well now I don't even want to think about trying to replace these items as I know that once I step foot into the mall my ego and self-confidence will suddenly shrivel away into an abyss. The mall is wear egos and self-confidence go to die. It is the proverbial farm where these dead egos and self-confidence get sent where they can be happier chasing the chickens and swimming in the pond with the ducks.

The most depressing thing about this pile of clothing is the garments that are not there but probably should be. I have cheated myself into thinking that some of these articles I can and will fit into again! Thus, these articles have not been placed in the pile of shame. And what a pile of shame it is... most of these articles I have only bought within the last couple of years. Have I really ballooned up THAT much? Apparently so.

I think I'm going to go for a walk. Wont change much right away, but perhaps I can convince myself that I am one step closer to fitting back into these outfits... right.