Friday, March 20, 2009

My Left Arm is Jealous of My Right Arm!

So, the painful "sprained/maybe fractured wrist" saga continues!

It has now been over a week and a half since "the incident". I have had continuous questions from random people as to what happened to my wrist or what I did to my wrist. I've noticed that if I don't answer fast enough (which is within 0.35 seconds of the last word in their question being audible), people will start guessing as to what happened. The number 1 answer that a lot of people have guessed for some weird reason has been a skiing accident, to which I always reply "I WISH!" A skiing accident would be far less embarrassing and would mean that I had been skiing recently. Of course, the last time I went skiing was back in high school... many many years ago! One of the most interesting guesses had to be that I sprained my wrist while smacking my boyfriend around... For those of you who know me and my boyfriend, well you can attest that I am much smaller than he is and that I would probably fail at smacking him around... not to mention the obvious that I love him and would never smack him around to begin with.

This whole issue with my wrist has definitely rekindled my hatred for clinics though! I called the clinic yesterday because although I'm pretty sure that it is simply a sprain, I wouldn't mind knowing what the results were from the Xray. The receptionist told me that yes, they had gotten the results back (finally) and that I would have to come in to talk to the doctor about them. Initially I think "ok so, if I have to go in and talk to the doctor, that must mean that something is outta wack" but then I think "if something was fractured or broken though, you would think that they would have called me when they got the xrays back rather than wait until I called them."

So I asked the receptionist if they would have called me when the xrays came in if something was wrong and she said "probably". First of all, PROBABLY???? What the hell does that mean, probably??? So then I asked her to specify yes or no as to whether they would have called me and she said yeah. My next issue then is why do I have to come in and talk to the doctor if nothing is broken/fractured? All the doctor is going to tell me is yep, it's a sprain... ice it for comfort... keep it in a splint when using it... try not to use it too much. Why can't the receptionist simply look at the results and say, yes it's broken/fractured, or no it's just a sprain - suck it up!
When I asked the receptionist if it was pretty safe to assume that it was just a sprain and nothing more she answers, "maybe, maybe not."

At this point I am ready to slam the phone down like a tween who just got into an argument with her best friend over wearing the same headband to school the other day!

Clinics are supposed to be helpful and easier/faster/more convenient to get to than your family doctor. I ended up having to ask the clinic to fax my results to my family doctor's office so that I can call them and get that receptionist to tell me (which I of course keep forgetting to do within their hours, thus I still don't know the results). I'm not waisting my time going to the clinic just so that they can tell me what I already know. In fact I think it is a ploy to raise their client/patient count for the day. I assume they must get some sort of funding or something for having a high number of patients going in and out of their office.

Anyways, here's hoping that I wont have to go to the clinic again anytime soon!

Onto less anoying (yet still slightly annoying) things, my left arm has expressed that it is feeling jealous of the lack of work my right arm has had to do lately! It is true that since "the incident" I have been driving (almost strictly) with my left hand, I carry more things and lift more things with my left hand, and I've even started trying to write with my left hand! As a result, my left arm has started to complain by cramping up in the biceps (by the way, it is a very very strange thing when the muscles in your biceps cramp up... I'm so used to cramping in my feet, thighs, toes and even palms of my hands but I have never experienced cramping in my biceps before) and feeling tight in the forearm. If this keeps up, I'm going to have to get a brace for my left hand too. Then what will I do??? Perhaps I should start teaching my feet how to drive...

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