Saturday, March 28, 2009

Make Every Road Trip Into a Day at the Amusement Park

Plinky Asks:

Engineers are getting closer to the dream of the flying car. How would you sell one of these if you were an auto dealer?
Sure, it's only flown for 37 seconds so far, but any day now it'll be ready for consumers. What's your sales pitch?


Stuck in Traffic? The car in front of you going too slow? No Worries, why not take a flying leap in this Luxury Leaper!

The Luxury Leaper offers you an astounding 37 seconds of pure high flying in order to jump to the front of the line!

Imagine carpooling to work everyday in a ride like a roller coaster! Make every road trip into a day at the amusement park! Baffle the thugs with your no-hydrolics-needed lift!

Your kids will never want you to drop them off 3 blocks away from the school anymore because your ride is super fly!


Liane said...

Oh my God! You were there at the Lego exhibit?!? Now I'm jealous! Haha. I've seen it on tv and I was completely amazed. The designs blew me off. Nice pictures! Made me extra bit jealous...

By the way, thanks for commenting at my blog.

Again, loved the picture... ♥

Anonymous said...

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