Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Groundhog's Day Super Redneck Extravaganza!!!

So I know it's been forever, but I have finally taken the time to post my pictures and write a little ditty about February 2, 2008! If you are unsure as to what I am talking about it was Lori-Ann's and my "Groundhog's Day Super Redneck Extravaganza". In other words, on Groundhog's Day Lori-Ann and I went to Monster Jam (with my parental units of course!)!!!These little guys are so awesome! The group is from Langley and it's made up of drivers from ages 5 to 17 and they race these little mini cars that do not back up or start on their own, they have to have someone pushing them first!
Before the show: 199 and Bulldozer in their resting spots!
I was having a bad hair day, and face day, basically I was having a bad physical appearance day! But not Lori-Ann... she never has bad physical appearance days!
The stunt bikes... unfortunately I did not get any really good pictures of them doing crazy things though.
Yeah that's right! I support my driver!
Look, it's kinda like Lori-Ann is white!!!
Lori-Ann's Monster Jam T-Shirt. A.K.A. Lori-Ann's Chest
Pictures just don' t do this sport justice... these are the sliders!

Lori-Ann proudly showing her Ticket!
I am so white in these pictures!!!
Awww momford!
Me and Momford (I look slightly possesed)
199 About ready to make his move!
This picture is pretty awesome! Bulldozer in the air!
Hey look! It's Trrrrrropical Thuuuuunnnddderrrrr!!!
The Patriot with his nose in the air while Jurassic Attack relaxes after her jump!
The stars of the show!!! Maximum Destruction coming off of a jump meanwhile my Gravedigger just about bouncing off the jump!
This is quite easily one of my favorite pictures! If not my favorite!
Jurassic Attack! This truck was driven by a woman from Vancouver! Pretty Freaking Awesome!!! "Daddy, I wanna drive a monster truck!"
Taking a break!
Ok so this is supposed to be one of the BMX jumpers but his suit kind of blends in with the crowd. If you can see him, look in the middle-ish of the picture just below the A in "DREAMS" and you should see him!
Jurassic Attack, climbing up that bus!

Tropical Thunder on his hind legs (or tires)
The Patriot!
So this is a pretty awesome picture too! Maximum Destruction just floating in the air!
If you look really close you will notice that he is just barely touching the bus.
This is probably actually my favorite picture. I love it because everything else in the background is still quite blurry but Maximum Destruction is just flying through the air as clear as day!
Lori-Ann on the skytrain home!
Oh momford, you take such great photos!
This is a video of one of the sliders just screeching around the track!

Grave Digger's entrance... because he IS the star of Monster Jam. I wasn't sure which side of the stadium he was coming out from though which is why I kept going side to side. I was going to edit it so that it wasn't so long... but you gotta have the music!!!!

This is Maximum Destruction and 199 During the racing portion. Compare the air that Maximum Destruction gets over 199! It's crazy!!!

This is Gravedigger Racing against Tropical Thunder. Oooh boy it's almost as good as it is in person! There's some pretty big air at the very end by Gravedigger!

Alright! So it's time for the Champs to take center stage together! Maximum Destruction VS Gravedigger! Gravedigger won this race but only by a few inches! Not to mention he almost flipped over but he was able to keep himself on all fours!!! (I know it again takes awhile for them to start up... but just be patient and listen to the music...lol)

Here's just a few jumps by the Motor Cross people.

If there is one video that MUST be seen out of all of these videos, it would have to be this one! This is Gravedigger Vs Maximum Destruction in the Donut Competition! It's starts off with Gravedigger just starting up and he's making some pretty awesome speed! But then... I switch to Maximum Destruction and it is just Freaking Amazing!!! Although Gravedigger went the longest (he struggles a bit at the end) Maximum Destruction clearly wins in this battle and you will see why!!!!

Lastly, Here is Gravedigger's Final moments of glory that night! His entire FreeStyle!

There you have it! It was a super awesome evening of trucks, tires, engine fumes!!!