Monday, October 27, 2008

We are all Misfits in our own right

It is interesting the circumstances that occur that easily distinguish the followers from the rest of us. Today for example, in my anthropology class the instructor had to leave class at 12 (our class actually ends at ten to one) but she wanted us all to stay until the end of class watching a video. She asked me specifically if I could return the video to faculty services once the class was over.
There was nothing or nobody to hold the rest of the students to stay. She did not say we would be having a test on this video or even suggest that there would be any sort of punishment if we didn't stay to watch the video. So here I sit in a dark classroom that is usually full of at least 20 or so students, with eight other people. That's right more than half of the class left! It is not surprising really. I mean who really thinks it's fair that our prof should be allowed to leave early but the rest of us have to stay?
One student just before leaving said "whoever stays is not cool!" Wow! This really is a first year course hey! I mean that's so high school! This brings me to my first statement... After one or two people left (and after the one student said those who stay are uncool) everybody, who was cool or who thought they were cool, got up and left! They all followed. Like sheep. Normally you can tell who are the people who are more likely to follow. Those are the ones who are normally popular, or think they are popular. The ones who don't see school as an important thing for their futures.
So I look at the eight people left in the classroom and notice that we are probably not the cool people! We are all misfits! I am surrounded by the two oldest students in our class, the typical guy who talks a lot during class (perhaps a nerd-like creature), a gothic type person, and other misfits including myself.
Why did I stay though? I mean I am quite literally sitting here "listening" to this video but I am actually sitting here blogging instead of watching. Because I care about my schooling. Because I am paying over three hundred dollars to watch this stupid video. Because I have to bring the video to faculty services after the class is over. Because I am a misfit!

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