Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What's New Pussycat?

Well well, if it isn't little ol' Kari finally coming back to blog once again! Ok, ok I realize it's been awhile, but I've been busy! I should get back on the band wagon pretty soon here though!
Unfortunately for those of you who may be reading this thinking that you may get something out of it, don't hold your breath! It is a little past midnight and I cannot sleep and am bored as hell, thus this is simply me trying to occupy my time while I am awake.

Hmm... What to say, what to say?
Last week I was at L-A's house just hanging around and reading the local paper (alright I'll admit I was actually reading the flyers) and I came across a flyer for Shoppers Drug Mart. Now I have blogged before about Method's holiday line and how I cannot find it here in Canada to save my life, but to my amazement Shoppers had the hand soap in last year's holiday line-up ON SALE!!! I was excited, almost too excited! I made L-A take me to Shopper's immediately so that I could buy one of each.
I did not come out with one of each though... In the store I had smelled the Hollyberry and the Cinnamon Bark but found that the Hollyberry was too sweet smelling and that the Cinnamon Bark was a little too spicey for my liking. But then I smelled the Peppermint Vanilla, and I was hooked!!! I started loading up my arms but then I decided to limit myself to six. Six, a nice even number meaning "a lot" but not quite "buying in bulk". I am now on the prowl and my hunger to hunt down more method products in the holiday line has been rekindled.

What I REALLY want is to find a Frosted Fir candle from this year's line-up. I love the smell of Douglas Fir and so if this candle does smell like it's name suggests then we will have one very happy Kari on our hands! I could easily order it off of Method's home website but the candles are $10 each (which really isn't that bad, I would pay $10 for a candle. I'm sure I have in the past) but the Shipping and Handling (and taxes) would be around $23 alone!!! Now I realize that these things are heavy and so a hefty S&H price is needed but I have a real hard time justifying paying $13 more in S&H than the actual product alone would cost. Not to mention the fact that I then have to consider the exchange rate because of course I am in Canada and it would be shipped from the U.S. Method's website would suggest to add more things to my shopping bag in order to make the shipping seem more worthwhile, however I don't really want to buy anything else at this point (mostly because I am a poor starving college student) and all I really want is the Frosted Fir Candle. I should just drive to Belingham, find a target and load up! Flaw: I'd be paying more in gas money than I would have originally for the S&H!!!

Anyways, that's my little rant for the wee hours of the early morning! Haha. Time to maybe go to bed!

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