Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bored at Work and Counting the Days!

ALRIGHT! I'm bored! I'm at work and there's literally nothing to do! (except of course that thing that I was supposed to do but don't feel like doing so it wont get done until tomorrow!)

Anywho... just thought I'd let everybody know that I am still alive and kicking... maybe not kicking because I'm too lazy but... WIN!!!! A guest of mine just bought me a slurpee!!! Mmmm... Free Stuff!!! Mmmm... root beer slurpee!!! I love work! I love free stuff!

Where was I??? oh yeah, I'm alive. I've been busy with work and whatnot... I'm in the midst of applying to become a big sister with the big brothers big sisters program. I think it'd bee a lot of fun to have a little sister for three hours a week!

Anywho... this blog is going nowhere, just to let those of you who decided after the first paragraph that you might stick it out because "it's Kari, normally she's quite entertaining with a lot of things to say". Well here's what I'm saying now, if you've got somewhere to be feel free to leave because trust me it wont get any better. I'm just passing the time until the end of work... YES! 47 minutes left! woot woot!

So... counting down the days... yes I am counting down the days until Jacob and I hop onto a huge plane and swan dive all the way to newfoundland!!! WOOT WOOT! ONLY 13 DAYS!!!!!
Now that I have my camera and Jacob has his new digital SLR we are going to come home with LOOOOAAAAAADDDDDSSS of pictures for all to see so keep checking back sometime around July 12-ish... perhaps the 13th or 14th. Anywho, those will be posted on where you can right now go and look at some of the pictures that I have from my new camera as well as the pictures from Richard's and my trip to Squamish! Keep checking that link for new photos as well... now that the weather is (hopefully) getting nicer I should end up taking more pictures.

Anywho... I should probably start my cash-out and whatnot so I shall let you all go!

13 DAYS!!!!


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