Saturday, April 19, 2008

It Isn't All Fun and Games

Ever have a night all alone? One that, at the beginning, could have gone either way? Could have been either a great night alone with yourself, or it could have been a night of solitude that is not welcome?

I had one of these nights tonight. In fact, I had both nights! My parents were gone so the house was nice and quiet with no distractions. I had plans too! My uncle Miles had brought down a bunch of movies that I hadn't seen yet, and had left them here when he went home. Thus I had an entire evening that I could use to catch up on my movie watching. In fact, I watched an entire season of Bones! Pretty Exciting! I love Bones!

This is where the mood changed. I had been advised earlier this evening that the boyfriend would be out with a friend who was clearly in need of a guy's night out... no problems, I have movies to watch! I started to feel restless by about 8pm, and decided to call my best friend to see if she'd rescue me from the potential loneliness that was inevitable at this point. Of course, as she is in the sciences whereas I am a "lazy arts student" her finals are much more difficult and well... long story short, she had to study.

My nose is constantly running, I think I am also sick. Thus I made no further attempts to connect with the outside world. Inevitable loneliness becomes me. As such, I surround myself with the warm glow of my Method Vanilla-Apple Soy Candle and some slow depressing-ish music and have fallen in love with "Rain" by Patty Griffin. I heard it on an episode of Bones tonight. It's such a good song! In fact I think I have played it about 10 times within the last hour.

Anywho, I decide it's time to blow out my wonderful smelling candle and turn off the music. I am now in such a relaxed solitude that it is time for bed.


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