Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Uban Dictionary Survey

Ok, so I was perusing facebook when I came across the following and thought "Hey, I'm bored and can't sleep... I should fill this out!"


Go to UrbanDictionary.com and type in the answer to each question. Copy and paste the first answer to pop up.

** 1. First Name:


The best person in the world

No one is better than a Kari

(Ok, so I'm liking this thing already!!!Hehe!)

** 2. Nickname:

1. A player who detests Player versus Player (PvP) gaming and whines about how it ruins their gaming enjoyment.

2. A player who is killed or has a loss through theft and then complains about player harassment.

3. A player who focuses their gameplay strictly on crafting or other non-competitve activity.

(This is actually the second definition but the first one was a little too mean!)

** 3. Favorite Colour:

1. The hue of the portion of the visible spectrum lying between orange and green.
2. A racist remark based on the skin color of Asians.
3. That song by Coldplay.
"Yellow" by Coldplay:

~Look at the stars,
Look how they shine for you,
And everything you do,
Yeah, they were all yellow.~

** 4. What are you supposed to be doing right now:

Homework: (Noun) a punishment given to students by evil teachers after the students have already put in 7 hours of hard labor.
(See evil, torture, wrong, cruel, unjust, satan, crap)

my satan teacher gave me crap

** 5. Favorite Food:


greatest food ever

dogg lets go to my crib for some curry

** 6. Hometown:

1. Maple Ridge

A meathod of passing a joint between two people. It is performed when the marijuana cigarette is small and thus it must be past by pressing the people's two thumbs together. After the small joint is past, the passee says "Maple Ridge". This is inspired by the Rural Western Canadian town of Maple Ridge where there are massive amounts of grow-ops.

You dropped the joint! You should have pulled a Maple Ridge.

(I had no idea that Maple Ridge was THIS famous for weed...)

** 7. Last Name:

1. rice

An automobile that has been equipped with gawdy, unnesecary accessories, such as 3' high spoilers, loud and/or repulsive paint job and body work. Owners of such automobiles feel that these accessories make their car the best in the world, when in fact it is not.

That Prelude over there is nice, but this here Civic ain't nothin but a rice mobile

** 8. Favorite Ice Cream:

1. strawberry

WTF everyone it's a damn fruit.

Person: Damnit I love strawberries so frickin' much they're red and have seeds and stuff yum.

(To be honest I was actually going to say "Fudge Brownie" but I like to keep my blog relatively clean and the definitions were just absolutely awefull!)

Well That was fun! You have to watch who goes onto this website (urbandictionary) though because I tell ya, a ten year old could easily go onto this site and type something seemingly harmless such as "Finding Nemo" and it will come up with:

A male rite of passage; to locate the clitorus.
"Sally, my boyfriend's terrible in the sack."
"Betty, he's only 11- he's probably needs help finding nemo."