Tuesday, April 8, 2008

People Against Dirty!

So, I know it has been forever (it seems I say this every time I post now. Bad habit, I should really post more often. Not that I have regular readers or anything... but I digress), but today I have decided to post about something that has recently got me started thinking about the environment!
I know you're all thinking "Oh no, not Kari! Don't fall into the tree hugging, water kissing, earth humping environmental brainwash!!! You'll never get out alive. Soon they'll (I dunno who they is specifically?!?!) have you mumbling environmental mumbo jumbo and yelling the phrase 'SAVE THE EARTH! STOP GLOBAL WARMING'" and perhaps even "I WILL NOT COME DOWN FROM THIS TREE UNTIL YOU PROMISE NOT TO CUT IT DOWN (or until I figure out a way to get down, help me)". But that's just too bad, because I have fallen into their traps, and I will now try to do my part in saving the environment.

So, alright. People who know me best will know that while I say I am going to do my part for the environment, I will never give up my favorite past time, i.e. driving around aimlessly in my car. However, I will otherwise try to come up with new tricks and trades in order to do my part. However, before I tell you about the ways I will "go green" (which is always interesting to me that people say that they are "going green" and we assume that means doing their part for the earth, when really most of the earth is water, which is blue... so why aren't we going blue?) I will explain where my newfound respect and motivation for the "going green" cause.

This will sound weird, but I've always liked the smell of Jacob's house. I thought it was simply his own natural pheromones perhaps mixed in with a light hint of cologne or deodorant, but then when Jacob moved into his new apartment (which I found by the way :P) I noticed that even though he had only been moved in for one day, his apartment smelled exactly the same!!! So I figure, either his pheromones are working really strong, or he's cheating some way.
So we went shopping to buy the cleaning odds and ends that Jacob did not have, and he pointed out this bottle of dish soap from a company called Method. It was really cool looking and not shaped like normal bottles of dish soap but perhaps more like a bulk sized perfume bottle (made of plastic of course).
Later Jacob pointed out this plug in air freshener that is also from Method. That's when I found out that this wonderful smell that I always attributed to Jacob, was actually bottled and can be bought for a mere $12 at Shoppers. I picked one up for myself the very next day!!!

Method is a household cleaning product line with wonderfully delicious scents fueled into the product. It is also biodegradable, the bottles are recyclable and made from recycled plastics, completely non-toxic and overall good for the environment. Additionally, the bottles and containers are different from your ordinary household cleaning products. They are in vibrant colours and in attractive, fun shapes! The scents are just amazing as well!!! The wonderful smell of bleach can now be replaced by the wonderful smell of nectarines, green mint, hollyberry, vanilla apple, as well as many others including my personal favorite... sweet water!

Now you're thinking "Kari, you've gone off the deep end and hit your head on the concrete bottom of the pool! You are talking about CLEANING PRODUCTS!" My response... yup, I sure have!!!! I love method! Now that I know about method and about it's environmental upsides as well as the wonderful scents, I will be a method junkie! There is a blog for people like us you know, it's called method lust. The blogger Nathan, is quite an entertaining writer as he reviews and simply jabs about his favorite method products, new and upcoming products, as well as those unfortunate products that have gone to Method Heaven and have been discontinued.

So while I may not give up my hobby of driving around aimlessly (no matter how expensive fuel gets) I will try and do my part by using and promoting earth friendly products such as those given to the world by Method!

Stand up and Join me in the fight against Global Warming and other environmental issues.
Join the millions who have decided to be People Against Dirty!!!

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