Saturday, November 24, 2007

But What Does it Mean???

Tanya Chabot

So I was looking at my cousin's facebook profile this evening and read this note that she had written. I guess it is one of those forwards and whatnot but just for fun I decided to read it.
What it is, is you write down your name vertically (like a word poem, for those of you that remember elementary poetry) and then there is a list that states what each letter of the alphabet means and you simply add the meaning of each letter in your name to the "word poem name" and it tells you your "personality".

Now I realize that this is obviously fake, as Freud can attest, because you cannot simply know a person's personality based on the letters in their name. However, I find this eerily accurate! We'll see if you all agree...

DO IT FOR YOURS! : Delete the other person's name and repost this with the title "what does your name mean?"
Kari Rice

K : You're wild and crazy. (Wow! We've only just begun and this thing is totally accurate!)
A : You like to drink. (It's that Irish blood in me, what can I say???)
R : Easy to fall in love with. (I'd like to think so... hehehe)
I : You are great in bed. (Yeah, I can sleep ALL DAY LONG! :P )
R : Easy to fall in love with. (I fall in love with myself everyday!!! lol)
I : You are great in bed. (and on the couch, and on the floor... I can even sleep in the bath tub!)
C : You are really silly. (That goes with the wild and crazy!)
E : Awesome kisser. (Again, I'd like to think so... I haven't had any complaints yet!)
(how can you not fall in love with these eyes?)

So basically this thing has completely encompassed my personality!!! I am a very spontaneous, fun loving person (who I must admit enjoys a drink every now and then) who is also very open and creative. The other factor that this thing taps into is my flirty side. I have a habit of flirting, but it's also a bit of a hobby. It has absolutely nothing to do with acting on the flirtations. It is simply entertaining conversation that lets you walk away feeling hot, sexy, and good about yourself.

However, what this name analyzer thingy fails to pick up is my immensely massive EGO! Hahaha, you all know it to be true. However, rather than calling myself "self-centered" I'd prefer to be referred to as having a "high self-esteem".
Anywho, please do the same with your names as it is quite entertaining and fun! Who knows, you may even learn something about yourself!!! ;)

A : You like to drink.
B : You like people.
C : You are really silly.
D : You like to drink.
E : awesome kisser.
F : You are dead sexy.
G : You never let people tell you what to do.
H : You have a very good personality and good looks.
I : You are great in bed.
J : People Adore You
K : You're wild and crazy.
L : You like to drink
M : best kisser ever.
N: You like to drink.
O: Easy to fall in love with
P : You are popular with all types of people.
Q : You are a hypocrite.
R : Easy to fall in love with.
S : Fuckin crazy.
T : Easy to fall in love with.
U : You really like to chill.
V : You are not judgemental.
W : You are very broad minded.
X : You like to drink
Y : Best g/f b/f anyone could ever ask for.
Z : Always ready


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