Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Take Out the Butcher Knife, We're Cutting the Cake

So I realize that November 24th, 2007 was ages ago now... but I have just been too busy to post and picture and blog and all that fun stuff! There have been a bunch of events that have occurred throughout the last couple weeks (of course during the most stressful weeks of school) that has added to my eternal stress! However, this blog is not about that, this episode is a tell all of the events of November 24th!

The day started out with Tanya, Auntie Carol, and Momford and I all going shopping. Nothing too exciting or special except we went to IHOP for breakfast! (If you don't know about my incessent obsession with IHOP, then you don't know me!)

I then rushed off to work at 2pm for a wonderfully boring four hour dose of t.v. watching while supposedly training.

But then fun did not start until after work...
Like all November 24th's, my family and I went to the Keg for dinner. It is dad's favorite place and it is dad's favorite day.... thus we sit in a darkened room with the sound of sizzling lobster, the smell of steak, wood, and garlic, while the beer/wine/insert favorite alcoholic drink here slips down your throat.KARATE...
Get your hand out of the cake!
Hmmm... I don't think the pieces are quite even, dad.
Think it could have something to do with this???
Little sister (by 45 seconds was it? *shhh* they're twins) to the rescue!!!

Joke: How many Rice's does it take to serve cake?
Dad's masterpiece after Karate-Chopping the cake
I look scarred... and with good reason!
Uncle Emile and Auntie Carol, looking like they know what they're doing.
Look at that poker face! hahaha!
Yes, It was dad and Aunti Carol's birthday that faithful (ok, so not really faithful but whatever) day. We had cake (and yes it was cut with a butcher knife... only because we broke the electrical knife last time) had some drinks... and played poker.
I had never played poker before but Tracy and Nate had left and so Jacob and I took their spots. My philosophy to playing poker was... it is not my money, so sure why not throw in another chip or two. (I actually didn't do too badly for my first time. Totally called dad's bluff at one point in time too!)

Anywho, I have no idea when I will return. Hopefully before the 18th. I leave for PG on December 18th through to the 21st. Don't worry, pictures and posts will ensue!


Smelly Danielly said...

I didnt know you had a blog! Very cool!!! you look super cute in those pictures :) BTW, hows my cousin doing since he never calls his dear old dad!?

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