Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wii would like to Play

So, last night Jacob and Craig came over and we played with Jacob's Wii (hahaha I had to say It was tonnes of fun. There was some laughing, some hitting, some pushing/shoving and all around lots of fun!
We basically played Wii Play and Wii Sports for most of the time but we also played a bit of Mario Party as well. I of course always equipped with my camera decided to take a few shots of the fun. Be sure to check out their the intensity is amazing!!!

I also posted a video of Craig and Myself boxing... it's somewhat embarrasing but funn all at the same time! I accidently dropped the nunchuck and then thrusted the remote towards the t.v. which because the nunchuck and remote are attatched by a string and so when I thrusted the remote towards the t.v. the nunchuck came swooping in and hit the t.v. It's quite halarious! Enjoy!

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