Thursday, December 13, 2007

Meet my Buddy, Roy!

So today I was supposed to drive to Jacob's house, pick him up and go to Burnaby Village. Instead the day went a little like this...

It all started with me making a wonderfully delicious Roast Beef sandwich! It starts with the bread, mayo, salt and pepper, roast beef, wonderfully delicious dill pickle, lots of lettuce, another bit of roast beef, mayo and then the bottom piece of bread! mmmm!
I then got into my car and drove over to Jacob's as planned (Don't worry I took the photo while I was in park)
However, I never made it across the bridge without hitting up a Timmy Hoes. So off I went to the Tim Hortons drive thru (which apparently is not spelled thru according to "word" and "blogger") for an Extra Large French Vanilla Double-Double.
When I finally reached Jacob's house I found out we were not going to Burnaby Village because it was raining and because the guy who originally wanted to go with us was sick and couldn't come. So we decided to play the wii which is when he brought out his 3D glasses that he got when he went to see Beowulf (or however you spell it) in 3D. Emily decided he looked like either Roy Orbison or Buddy Holly...
However, Roy Orbison's face is too chubby for Jacob to look like him, but the glasses are spot on!
Buddy Holly on the other hand doesn't have the same tint to his glasses but Jacob's face is long and ovular like Buddy Holly's. Thus I'd say Jacob looks more like him than Roy Orbison!
After going out for Sushi for dinner, we continued to play the Wii and hang out with his cat.

Stay Tuned: Christmas is arriving and I've got my hat ready to go! Also, on the 18th I will be partying up Redneck style as I run away from town towards Prince George to make sure that my family is still alive! Momford and I will be flying in style (and by in style I mean economy) and we will not be returning until the 21st! WOOT!

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