Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Will the Real Yule Log Please Stand Up?

So here I sit alone at work at 6:30 in the AM on Christmas day flipping the channels in attempts to find my precious "Yule Log". It has been a tradition (at least for my mom and I) to have the t.v. switched to the 24 hour Yule Log on Christmas eve and into Christmas day and simply talk about anything and everything while listening to the crack and pop of the rip roarin' fire they got goin' on on our t.v.

This year however, mom and I were not able to stay up all night watching the Yule Log and talking because I had to work at 6 this morning. So here I sit, watching channel 2 to figure out where my beloved Yule Log is. Apparently there are three different ones this year. On channel 28 you have the original Yule Log... It's grainy, old, and the log never seems to actually burn down or anything. The magical harpsichord music plays softly in the background to create a wonderful feeling of warmth and delight. This is the Yule Log I remember!

The Original Yule Log

On chanel 13 you have the more updated Yule Log. This Yule Log features somewhat more upbeat music with remixes of the old classics. This Yule Log is also a more lively version featuring a more rambunctious fire. Every now and again you see someone off to the side poking at the fire with a stick. I almost prefer this version to the old classic version only because it looks more real as you can watch and hear the log actually break down as the fire rips through it. Additionally this is the version that features that wonderful hand! Sometimes it's a male hand sometimes it's a female hand. I'm excited to watch the female hand with her MASSIVE turquiose ring put another log on the fire. This is the Yule Log I prefer!

Finally there is chanel 12. A chanel, Vancouver Islands own chanel with their own Yule Log! However this log, is a cop out! The fire is great but the fireplace is just hideous! It has those glass doors and is in a funny shape. Definetely NOT the Log I'll be watching today!

For those of you who think that watching a burning fire on tv is sad, turn to chanel 4 for a look at Christmas Tree TV!!! It's LAME! Basically it is a christmas tree that does nothing with wierd but upbeat christmas mixes in the background! Sometimes the Christmas lights with flash on and off to the beat, but nothing too spectacular!

Anywho, my family will be coming to the Travelodge around 9-ish to have our traditional Christmas breakfast. It is very exciting! I'll be taking pictures and if I can remember I'll be blogging and posting later on! I've been so busy and sooo behind on my blogs! I have to remember to blog about Prince George, Jimmy Paterson's lights, Kevin Newman, Vandusen Gardens Christmas lights and of course Christmas at the Travelodge! All in good time!

So have yourself a merry little christmas! Choose your Yule Log watching carefully. I think I'll go with the original until about noon-ish and then switch over to the more upbeat rip roarin' fire to finish off my shift!

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