Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Jacob pushed Jackie
Then skated away quicklyLearning to skate backwards
How can you tell they're sisters???So Sunday, Lori-Ann and Jackie and Jacob and I went ice skating!!! It was quite random but very skate-tacular or skate-tastic if you'd prefer!

Here are just a few of the highlights:
-Lori-Ann and Jackie wore the same thing (grey hoodie and light jeans)
-Jacob and I wore the same thing (Black hoodie and darker jeans)
-Jacob fought with a little kid (don't worry they knew eachother)
-We skated... and skated... and skated some more!
-I tried teaching Lori-Ann how to skate backwards.
-Jacob decided to teach her how to take a body check in preparations for her "hockey lessons".
-Jackie kept kind of falling but never fully did.
-Then we all lived happily ever after with our tummies full of sushi goodness!

Favorite Quote:
Jacob: "Where's Lori-Ann and Kari?"
Jackie: "I dunno... just look for us but shorter."

P.S. all who may or may not be interested... I have started up a blog thingy... you should check it out sometime. It's still a little bare but sooner or later.... WATCH OUT... as the stuff will come pouring in!

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