Thursday, October 25, 2007

Crappy Crap Crap

Ever have one of those day's where you just feel like crap.
Not physically, but emotionally. And don't say it's PMS because I really don't think it is!
I dunno, it's weird. I was in a great mood today, the sun was shining and all was well. Then suddenly halfway through my class I just got this feeling of bleh. I don't know exactly what I mean... But Bleh is not good.
And then I lost my keys today at school. Spent an hour looking for them because of course there's no way I could get home without them. Basically I was stranded.

On a good note: For the last two days, I have been looking and feeling fairly pretty! I bought two new pairs of boots yesterday for 90 bucks! I was super jazzed!

P.S I was going to add a picture to this but this stupid thingy is not working so I give up. No pictures until later I guess!

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