Thursday, October 18, 2007

Oye Vey, World! (Re: Ellen and Iggy Situation)

Oh boy! That basically sums it up!

I am in shock... and awe as to how our world-our people of the world- how we treat each other with such aggression... such anger... such HATE!

I was watching the Ellen Degeneres show on tuesday, October 16, 2007 and I watched as she poured out her heart and soul on international television about the Iggy situation.

If you do not know the situation I'll explain it in it's simplest form: Ellen adopted a dog, Iggy, from a rescue organization and unfortunately could not provide it with the attention that it needed so she gave the dog to her friend and hairdresser, and her two daughters. The organization has rules about the fact that if the adopter cannot provide a good home that the adopter must bring the dog back and so they took the dog away from the hairdresser's family.

I do not want to talk specifically about that exact situation, as that is not the point of this blog. What I do want to address is the horrible horrible things I am reading on the Ellen Degeneres web site.

There are postings of love and support towards Ellen. There are postings supporting the rescue shelter while stating that Ellen was wrong to do what she did without taking the proper steps.
Those postings are more or less civilized. But then... there are absolutely horrible postings that degrade, insult, and even threaten BOTH Ellen AND the shelter itself.

What has the world come to????

People are MEAN!!! Just to demonstrate the horrible things people are saying I will include them in this blog:

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