Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So This is What It's Like...

This last week or so has been rather tough on me... I was super stressed with school, then my dad was in the hospital for four-ish days, I had had a couple of random breakdowns while thinking about next semester, and my "main squeeze" was gone for a week and a half on a work trip and was unable to be there to console me.

Last Thursday though, Richard and I took a bit of a stroll to the Lower Falls at Golden Ears Park. We went around the fence when we got to the falls and sat on the smooth rocks for awhile just listening to the sound of the rushing water. As we sat there in silence I could feel the slight mist from the waterfall on my skin and was reminded of the feeling of the ocean spray when I went to Hawaii a few years back.

There's something about being in the middle of nature and away from people in general (except that Richard was there) that really has a calming effect on me. (Note: I failed to mention that during work that day I had had 6 cups of coffee... I rarely ever drink coffee... so I was wired!)
While we were sitting on those rocks I couldn't help but reminisce about the last year or so and everything I had gone through. I thought about the people I connected with, the people I lost; my accomplishments and breakdowns in school; the stresses of getting a new property management system for work and the hostile work environment certain employees created; the day said employee left us and the new employees who made our team work more like a family; and ultimately I thought about the people who really helped me get through and overcome all the changes that have occured within the past year or so.

Then I took a deep breath and I closed my eyes. Feeling the sun on my eyelids, I started to smile. I'm good. Everything has fallen into place.... I opened my eyes again, glanced down at Richard, who was basking in the sun completely unaware of the epic life changing moment I was having. Then I looked back at the waterfall and noticed the very faint rainbow in the mist from the waterfall...

So this is what it's like... to be truly happy again.

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