Sunday, June 21, 2009

Being Bored at Work is Dangerous

Alright, so just a warning to start this whole thingy off with: I'm so ridiculously bored that this may either not make sense or be a complete waste of time.

Wasting Time: It's what I do best, since 1987!

Anywho... so here I sit, absolutely bored out of my skull, while at work. Really wishing that I had turned back and brought my camera with me as was my plan originally! I was late-ish for work though and so I decided not to go back into the house and grab my camera.

Big Mistake!

Not that there is really anything much to take pictures of here at the ol TL. I would have found something at least though. It would have occupied me for at least an hour, maybe two. But alas, I did not bring it, thus I must create something else to occupy my last two hours and 14 minutes here at work.

Hmmm... speaking of my camera... I was looking at a bunch of my pictures from thousands of years ago (ok so maybe only 5 years ago) and I have decided that I do not take enough pictures anymore. Everything that I used to do was always documented. If I went to IKEA it was documented. If I went for a walk it was documented. Hell, even dinner's at Lori-Ann's house were documented!

Maybe that's the problem... Maybe I just don't do enough anymore. I'm always too busy! You can only take pictures of the same hotel front lobby so many times before it becomes redundant. Additionally I don't think my proffs would appreciate me blinding them with my flash every five minutes while they're trying to explain to me what a Factorial Anova is.

Here's the solution: do stuff... take pictures of it.

Simple, right?

Anyways, today is father's day and we will be having our normal Sunday Family Dinner... perhaps we'll play dice or Apples... perhaps I'll document it.

Happy Father's Day everybody!

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