Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kari's Two Day Birthday Extravaganza!

Alright folks, I have finally added all of the pictures that I am going to use in this blog post! Do you know how long it takes to upload pictures to blogger? It's ridiculous! Anywho, without further ado I present to thee:


June 30, 2009: Day 1

Richard and I hop into my little blue car with "Big Red" (my zune) full of a fantasmigorical mix of musical happiness! This time we are off to Kelowna!

There is a lot of money being spent in Kelowna. I have decided that when I become rich I too will play in Kelowna!

So apparently they are too lazy to sail their boats back to the marina if they become slightly hungry. NO no, no need to go to the food... wait ten minutes and the food will sail to you!

Bret and the other Kiwi getting the parachute ready! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!

Woohoo! Look at me go!

We apparently got up to about 250 feet above the water!

It was so relaxing and peaceful up there.

Yeah, taking pictures of myself in the air! Skills, I tell you, skills!

Going down?

Getting closer to the water...

Getting even closer...

And down I go. Because of the way I had put my legs when I was going in, my legs were being pushed back and I was starting to be quite literally dragged through the water!

And back up we go to get dried up!

Richard's Turn...

And away he goes!

These shots of his legs are awesome!

Coming down

Getting closer....

SPLOOSH! As you can see he is trying to take a picture of his legs going into the water...

This is what came out!

Ok, so funny story... For some reason, the way that Richard held his legs as he was going back up made him twist around. Just as he was twisting around, the captain turned his head to look back at him and I guess because of the force of the water, Richard's shorts and boxers were being pulled down revealing a generous view of his rear end. The captain's head shot back forward in suprise, as the three of us on the boat burst out laughing! I only wish I had had the camera ready for that shot! Unfortunately I did not.
Coming in for landing...
Once we were done flying above Okanagan Lake, Richard and I decided to spend the rest of the day hanging out and relaxing at the beach.

After a lovely sushi dinner, around 6pm Richard and I decided it was time to head home, back to reality.

An Awesome day was had by all! In fact this last picture basically sums up the entire day!

July 1, 2009: Day 2 - MY BIRTHDAY!!!

To start the day mom, dad, and I headed down to the Pitt Meadows Canada Day celebrations for our annual Canada Day Pancake Breakfast! Dad normally works on Canada day but this year (the first in about 20 years) he decided to take it off and enjoy the celebrations.

Mom and I at the Pitt Meadows Spirit Square!

Dad and I at the Pitt Meadows Spirit Square

They had a bicycle parade for the children to dress up their bikes.

My favorite was the one in the top hat. There was also a little kid in an Ireland jersey wearing all green... he was also my favorite!

Jacob is super excited to go hiking the Grouse Grind yo!


We're only just starting and both Robin and Jacob look very impressed!

Getting tired?

Half way mark!!! Wooo!!! "The second half is easier right?" "No actually the second half is worse"

The view from the top!

This is what happends when you try to take a picture of yourself with Jacob standing around... (there's a bug on my arm too!)

Happy to be done.

Good picture of Robin... I'm not looking.

Much better.

Aww, aren't we cute! lol.
Now that we are done the Grouse Grind it's off we go to Santorini for a wonderful Greek Feast!

I've never had a long island iced tea with green stuff on the bottom... but it was tasty!

Nate decided to show up!

Mmmm... dessert! Jacob and I ate one side of it each but neither of us wanted to cross the line and tear down the wall.

Nate, threatening to FORK me if I touched his dessert, which I wasn't planning to in the first place but definetly wont now.

Mom enjoying her dessert.

Jacob... looking very happy!

Nate looking very bitter, angry, and full of hate... Tracy's not buying it though!

Here we are. The Rice Family at Kari's Birthday Dinner Extravaganza! (Everything sounds better when you add Extravaganza at the end of it!)

Thank you to everybody who celebrated my 22nd birthday with me. Last year I went to Newfoundland for my birthday. This year I went parasailing and did the Grouse Grind. What is in store for next years birthday??? I have all year to figure it out! (Jacob, Lori-Ann, Richard... you three better be ready for what I might throw out there for next year's celebration!)


Sarah said...

Happy birthday! And I'm jealous - I've always wanted to go parasailing! Looks like you had a great time!

Kari said...

Thanks Sarah!
Parasailing is amazingly awesome!
I suggest that you take whatever chance you get to go ahead and do it. I've been wanting to do it for ages and finally I said to myself "right, that's enough talk. I'm going to do this and I'm going to do it for my birthday!"

There are more pictures loaded onto picasa if you are interested.