Saturday, November 28, 2009

Radio Surfing

So the other day in class I was explaining to one of my class mates about how I used to be addicted to blogging before Facebook came out with it's stupidly addicting games (Farmville, Roller Coaster Kingdom, and Cafe World are my current vices). It reminded me about how much I missed blogging and made me question why I ever took a hiatus from blogging. Then I remembered: I'm extremely lazy! Anywho, I'm back now (until I get lazy again that is). Enjoy!

Blog Entry:
I was driving to school early last week and decided to search for something new in the way of radio stations because I was in a bit of a musical funk, that is I didn't particularly want to listen to whatever music I had on my Zune and I started to get bored of listening to The Peak or any other "normal" radio stations for that matter. In my radio surfing (made all the better by the fact that my stereo has a remote control) I stumbled on what I thought was an all Carribbean all the time station at 96.1 FM (Vancouver) called "Carribbean Express". This was AMAZING! They even played a Carribbean Christmas song while I was on my way to school. Anyways, so I thought "hey, I have extra presets that I'm not using, I'll lock in this station because it's super cool". But I kind of forgot how to set my presets and ended up messing up ALL of my presets.

So presets messed up, I decided that I would just listen to this station for awhile. After my class that day I was very excited to listen to some more Carribbean music but became slightly dissapointed and confused when I turned on my car and started hearing east indian music instead. It turns out my "Carribbean Express" is actually just a radio show (weekdays from 9am until 11am I think) and after "Carribbean Express" is "Strictly Punjabi" (from 11am until 3pm I think). Either way, it was still pretty cool. That is until 3pm when the cantonese talk show comes on... I can't even pretend to understand what they are saying!

The next day I decided to broaden my horizons on the other random radio stations that are offered in the lower mainland area. Basically, this last week I have listened to everything from Fun FM (can't remember the frequency that is on, but my mom knew and blared out all the words to those songs) to CBC's French radio station which plays everything from Jazz to Classical and even some french pop.

I really wish I could remember how to set my presets though! I'm getting Carple Tunnel Syndrome or something in my thumb from changing the radio stations constantly with my remote control.

Happy Listening.

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