Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh my! Let's Play Catch Up!

Hello All!

So, while I was starting to download my latest pieces of photographic genius, I realized that it had been a long time since I have posted photos here, on my facebook page, or even on my PicasaWeb page. Well, that is now no longer the case!!! I have now uploaded (to PicasaWeb only so far) pictures that go as far back as September with my hiking in Menekada up to as recent as January 31, 2009 when I went Snowshoeing with Jacob and his parents.

Anywho, so I thought this blog post could simply be more of a promotion of my PicasaWeb page and an invitation to view some of my photography! Note: not all photography shown is proffessional!

If you go to www.picasaweb.google.com/karinabear00 you will find pictures such as these...
I love shadows! Especially ones that make me look like I have rediculously long legs!!!The sun attempting to peek through the cloudsOh my Murray! He is the only single (and he's super good looking) man on the Great Big Sea stage!!!
Ah yes! Sean McCann, another very handsome lad from Great Big Sea.

We then of course have the TL Christmas Partay!!!Cadid Shot! That would be Phillip, Ryan, and Alexis hanging out at our super cool Christmas Party!
Ryan and I posing for the camera! Some of the rest of the party goers! Of course the story behind these pictures is that I forgot that I had my camera with me. I remembered my camera just as the party was slowing down so I rushed to get some sort of documentation that we did indeed have a Christmas party.

Speaking of Christmas... We Mustn't forget Christmas Eve at Nate's new dwelling (I really wish I had gotten some pictures of Tracy's family... then again this was the first time we all met... I didn't want to frighten them! haha)So apparently in my family, it is imparative that the Christmas Festivities cannot begin until the first picture of someone's middle finger has been taken! Snap... Nate's middle finger... CHECK... DONE! (At least the bugger is smiling behind that erected finger of his!)Momford and Dad lounging away!
Jacob and I. (I think I caught him off guard in this picture. Not to mention the flash was super bright because the room was a little darker).Momford and I hangin' out!

Once Christmas Eve is over it's on to New Years Eve (I apparently neglected to take pictures on Christmas Day)It always starts with Craig and his Beer!Well, it looks like Amanda is ready to kick some serious gluteus maximus! Meanwhile, I just realized that Byron took no time changing into his Pijama pants. Wow Byron! And yes, we did play the Wii all night long!Amanda is armed and ready... to make us some yummy nutricious food! Mmmm... Brie!And of course the night tends to end when one person has passed out from exhaustion!

Anywho... those are only some of the new photos you can see on my PicasaWeb gallery! Feel free to check it out!


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