Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's Official... I've lost again.

Ever get the feeling you're not who you used to be, or that someone else is not who they used to be? It's like a bowling ball to the gut when you realize there's no going back. We get so used to the idea that everything will stay the same. So when things do change it's sometimes a major blow to the heart.
Too many changes all at once. I have always said I was never any good with change. Now change is stompin' at my doorstep, barging in, and dragin' me out kicking and screaming. I'm sure it'll have some sort of positive outcome in the end... eventually.
Yes, I'd like to just drop everything and move to St John's. Start over, if you will. Seems there wouldn't be much to miss, save for a few key players.
Yes, a change of scenery would be nice...

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